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we love creation

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Welcome to Creativity, a community designed to help get your creative juices flowing! anything creative, share it... photography, writings, random scribblings, anything. did some groovy artwork or designed an outfit? Post a pic of it!!! we want to see it!!!!

this is a very flexible community, but we do have a few rules just so you crazy kids dont get *too* outta hand :p

1. Dont claim some one else's work as your own! thats not nice! you *may* share something you found interesting that was done by another person with proper credit and if they want it removed, do so prompty.
2. Be nice! I expect things to get a little crazy now and then, and constructive critism is great, but lets stay considerate to other members.
3. If its going to make someone squemish (i.e. picures of your cuts oozing with blood or of wild lust...lol.) some people, believe it or not, may not want to see it. dont get me wrong, some people go for that sort of thing, so please be kind and put it under a cut!!! if you dont, I will :)
4. If your going to post a manifesto or a lot of pictures, please put it under a lj cut.

:) :) :) :)